12” price/16” price

Trevi Traditional $10/13   

sliced fresh mozzarella & sauce on top

White Pie   $10/13  

Fresh Mozzarella, ricotta, parm-reggiano and fresh garlic

Tomato Pie   $8/11  

“Best of Philly” tomato sauce, parm-reggiano and fresh garlic

Margherita   $10/13 

Tomato sauce, fresh cubed mozzarella, basil leaves & parm-reggiano

Smoked Traditional  $12/15 

tomato sauce blended w/ basil pesto & topped w/ smoked mozzarella & fresh garlic

Toppings   12” toppings  half $1  whole $2                16” toppings  half  $1.5  whole $3

Pepperoni       Sausage          Spinach          Meatballs        Mushrooms    Long Hots

Roasted Peppers        Onions(raw or caramelized)       Olives       Anchovies

Gourmet Toppings   whole toppings only  12”/16”

Sunny Side up Egg  1/2       Basil Pesto 1.5/3       Balsamic Reduction 1.5/3

Proscuitto 2.5/5                Arugula  1.5/3           Chicken    2/4

Gourmet Pizza

Half & Half (well done & large only) $15

1/2 white pie and 1/2 traditional w/ ricotta,

garlic and parm-reggiano cheese

Funghi Misti   $14/21 

shitake, oyster, cremini & button mushrooms accented w/ fontina & cacio di roma

Lina's Meatball  $15/20

 trevi traditional topped w/ meatballs, ricotta, parm-reggiano & garlic

Proscuitto  $15/20

 margherita topped w/ proscuitto and fresh arugula

Sausage & Long Hots  $15/20

 trevi traditional w/ sweet sausage, long hots, parm-reggiano & garlic

Charcuterie   $16/22

margherita topped w/ meatballs, sausage. pepperoni, garlic & parm-reggiano

New Haven Clam & Garlic   $16/22 

baby clams and house cured pancetta, fresh mozzarella, cacio di roma, garlic & parmesan-reggiano cheese

Red, White & Green   14/19

mozzarella, cacio di roma, spinach, plum tomatoes, garlic & parm-reggiano

Quattro Rosa   14/19

mozzarella, fontina, ricotta & parmesan-reggiano, tomato sauce & garlic

Goat Cheese & Cipollini Onions   15/20

 mozzarella & honey goat cheese, cipollini onions &

 balsamic reduction

Smoked Pepperoni & Rabe $16/22

smoked traditional topped w/ pepperoni, broccoli rabe,

garlic & parmesan-reggiano

Calzone  $15- pepperoni cheese steak

TreVi Sandwiches

Cheese Steak $7.5

 8 oz Steak served on long Italian roll w/ your choice of cheese

Pepperoni Pizza Steak $8.5 

Cheese Steak Served w/ mozzarella, pepperoni and pizza sauce

Chicken Cheesesteak $6.50

8 oz chopped fresh chicken breast served on long Italian roll w/ cheese

Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak $7.75

Chicken Cheesesteak topped w/ mozzarella, bleu cheese, chopped celery & buffalo sauce

Meatball Sandwich $9

(3) Grandma Lina’s Meatballs served w/ sauce & parm-reggiano

Chicken Cutlet Italiano $ 7.5

Served with broccoli rabe, roasted peppers & sharp provolone Italian roll

Chicken Parmesan $6.75

Chicken cutlet topped w/ sauce & mozzarella on Kaiser roll

Grilled Chicken Caprese  $7.5

Grilled chicken served w/ sautéed spinach, tomatoes & mozzarella

Grilled Chicken BLT $8

Grilled Chicken served w/ bacon, lettuce & tomato and mayo on kaiser roll

Extras:  $$$                                               Cheeses
Deluxe- LTO  .50                                     American $1
Fried onions  .50                                     Mozzarella

Bacon (2)$ 1.50                                      Sharp Provolone $1.50
Hot peppers .50                                      Bleu Cheese $1.50

Roasted peppers  .50
Long hots .50
Broccoli Rabe $1
Sauteed spinach  .50
Mushrooms .75
Sauce .50

From the Fryer

Chicken Wings
(6)  $6   (12) $ 12  Hot or Mild or Italian (garlic parmesan)

Mozzarella Sticks $6

(6pc) w/ marinara 

Fried Ravioli $10

Breaded Cheese Ravioli w/ marinara (10pc)

Crispy Calamari $11

fra diavolo sauce & a lemon wedge

French Fries $2.5
Pizza Fries
w/ marinara & mozzarella $3.5
Florida Bay Fries $3
Garlic Parm Fries $3.25

For the Table

Formaggi Board $12

Italian cheeses, candied walnuts, sliced pear & seasonal jam

Charcuterie Board $13

proscuitto, salumes, roasted peppers, long hots & cipollini onions

Crostini Trio 9

 tomato bruschetta, white bean hummus & balsamic roasted peppers

Trevi Pizza Bread

2 people  $4 

 4 people $6

Small Plates

Crab and Tomato Soup

$3.5 cup   $6 bowl

Fried Proscuitto Poppers  $10 

long hots & sharp provolone wrapped in proscuitto

Steamed P.E.I Mussels  $9

white wine garlic sauce, marinara or fra diavolo

Steamed Littleneck Clams  $12

 white wine garlic sauce, marinara or fra diavolo

Stuffed Mushrooms

w/ Crabmeat  $12

Grandma Lina's Meatballs (3)  $9

Brussel Sprouts  $10

house cured pancetta & caramelized onions

Sausage & Rabe  $10

sautéed sweet sausage w/ broccoli rabe

Chicken Parmesan  $10

(2) cutlets topped w/ marinara & mozzarella

Seasonal Risotto 10


Classic Caesar  7.5

crisp romaine, croutons, anchovies & parm-reggiano

Mixed Green  7

cucumbers, tomato bruschetta, red onions & house vinaigrette

Arugula  8

candied walnuts, sliced pear, danish blue & balsamic vinaigrette

Iceberg Wedge  

bruschetta tomatoes, bacon, hard boiled egg, blue cheese & blue cheese dressing

Entrée Salads

Mediterranean 18

mixed green salad accented with capers and anchovies topped w. shrimp, jumbo lump crab meat and house vinaigrette. Served w/ our Trevi pizza bread

Italian Cobb  15

spinach & arugula accented w. Danish blue, proscuitto, olives, tomato bruschetta, hard boiled egg, pine nuts and tossed in a dijon vinaigrette.  Add chicken 4 Add Shrimp 5

Chicken Caesar entree  14 

grilled chicken, romaine, croutons, anchovies & parm-reggiano

Signature Pasta Dishes    

Rigatoni Bolognese 18 

veal, pork and beef in a rich tomato sauce

Tortellini & Crab 21

jumbo lump crab meat, peas & fresh mozzarella tossed in a rosa sauce

Linguine & Clams 19

littleneck clams tossed w/ fresh linguine & white wine garlic sauce

Spaghetti & Meatballs 16

Lina's meatballs topped w/ house marinara

Penne Seafood Bolognese 22

jumbo lump crab meat, bay scallops & shrimp tossed in a rosa sauce

w/ spinach

Penne Rigate & Sausage 16

sweet sausage, spinach, cherry tomatoes sautéed and tossed w/ basil pesto & pine nuts

Shrimp Scampi 19

sautéed shrimp & spinach served in a white wine garlic butter sauce & spaghetti

Cioppino Fra Diavolo 21

sea scallops, shrimp, mussels & clams tossed w/ fresh linguine & fra diavolo white wine sauce

Gluten free pasta available + $1

Entree Pasta
Spaghetti Marinara

Fettuccine Alfredo

Penne Rigate Rosa

Rigatoni Fra Diavolo

Penne Rigate w/ Pesto


Three Cheese Ravioli $12

served with Marinara and Parm-reggiano

Peas. Spinach. Mushrooms. Seasonal Vegetables $2
Chicken, Sausage or Proscuitto $4 

Shrimp $6

House Gnocchi

Seasonal Vegetables 12
Marinara or Fra Diavolo 10
Gorgonzola Cream w/ candied walnuts 13
Rosa w/ peas 12
Basil Pesto w/ pine nuts 12

TreVi Signature Entrees  

Chicken Parmesan 16

served w/ your choice of pasta & Trevi's marinara
sub rosa, alfredo or fra diavolo 1  pesto 1.5  gnocchi 2.5

Chicken Marsala 18

served w/ house gnocchi & seasonal vegetables

Chicken Saltimbocca 19

proscuitto & sage served w/ house gnocchi, broccoli rabe & cherry tomatoes

Garlic Basil Crab Cakes 23

served w/ pan seared gnocchi, sautéed asparagus & basil tartar sauce

Chicken Piccata 18

served w/ sautéed parmesan fingerling potatoes & asparagus in a lemon caper white wine sauce

Chicken and Sausage Cacciatore 19

served w/ egg fettuccine, roasted peppers & caramelized onions
in a rich red wine, tomato gravy


Cannoli  (2)  $6

Zeppole  $5

Tiramisu  $6

Cheesecake $6


Boylan's Craft Soda $2.50 bottle

Assorted flavored Pellegrino soda $2.50 can

1.5 L Pellegrino Sparkling Water $4 bottle

2L Pepsi, Diet Pepsi $3.50








Pizza Menu